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At long last, we have Sheep at Easterdown.

These are 6 of Tara’s milkiest Devon Closewool Ewes. Mothers to Garfield’s lambs. Garfield is our Lacaune Friesland cross Ram and the sweetest, kindest ram you could meet. He has a long tail and if you scratch his nose, he will wag his tail! He is such a charmer and has produced some pretty stunning looking lambs.

Garfield in his elegant coat – to cope with winter on Exmoor. He’s a bit of a softie!

Here are his girl lambs from last year – seem to have inherited the best from all sides – the great Closewool wool and lovely black nose.

Garfield’s girl in front

We are SO happy to have our sheep here at Easterdown!

Or are they Tessa’s sheep?