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We planned to graze our field using a holistic, regenerative grazing plan that Adam Lockyear from FWAG designed for us. The idea is to regenerate your soil by dividing your land into small grazing areas. The animals graze less selectively and their manure is distributed evenly. After 2 – 3 days, you move them to the next area.

When the sheep arrived, our front lawn was about knee high. It was going to be tough to mow. But we worked out that the area of our garden and the paddock next to it was close to Adam’s target perfect grazing area of .2 hectare. Plus the idea of reducing  our carbon footprint by putting less petrol in the mower was VERY attractive!

Borrowed a fence from Tara Wright and after about 3 days:

Looking just right! So bought proper electric fence and moved the sheep forward:

Worked Well!

Part of the holistic plan is to give each area a long rest period. So 30-ish days later, they’re back: