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Made with British Truffles
Semi-soft and rind-washed, a pasteurised cows milk cheese made with British Summer Truffles.
British Truffles are subtle compared to French Perigord or Italian Alba. But they are amongst the few plants that can turn milk into curd to make cheese. This is the key to the unique taste of Vickie’s Truffle Cheese.
Without Additives
Unlike other Truffle Cheeses, Vickie’s Truffle Cheese does not add truffles after the cheese is made. The British Summer Truffle has an enzyme which affects milk. Creating a cheese to work with the natural effects rather than exclude or boil them away became an irresistible challenge. This cheese was such a success, (completely unexpected) that we sold our house and have bought an 9 acre organic smallholding in Somerset. To invent more cheeses that use the organic effects of mushrooms and other plants.

How does it Compare?
The result tastes not only of British Summer Truffle but their ‘truffle effect’ which gives a depth of taste and unexpected maturity. A delightful surprise in a cheese merely six weeks old. British Truffles are rare and in small supply, so each cheese is made-to-order. This is a limited edition of approximately 185 hand made cheeses.
There is no other cheese like it, it is unique.

Last Christmas at Fortnum and Mason

Photos from Christmas 2012 and Christmas 2013. Thank you Fortnum & Mason for selling out the entire limited edition of Vickie’s Truffle Cheese.