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Easterdown, building the dream*...

Vickie’s Cheese is moving to Easterdown
At the end of March 2013 we bought Easterdown – a nine acre organic smallholding with planning permission to replace the existing house.
Working with Roderick James Architects and Carpenter Oak, we now have planning permission to build this:NewHouseAtEasterdown
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Easterdown Cheese is inspired by a combination of history, folklore and modern science.

Reinventing the old in light of the new. 

To rediscover lost artisan cheesemaking using history and folk tales. Then validate these with scientific tools.

Small Cheesemaking is Beautiful Cheesemaking

To innovate gently and with sympathy.

To follow natural laws, to question conventional practices.

To live and work using as few fossil fuels as possible.

Easterdown was off grid when we bought it and we have chosen to remain that way using a combination of solar panels, batteries, modern electronics and an LPG generator for just-in-case power.