Vickie’s Cheese is moving to Easterdown
At the end of March 2013 we bought Easterdown – a nine acre organic smallholding with planning permission to replace the existing house.
Working with Roderick James Architects we now have planning permission to build this:


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Easterdown Cheese is inspired by a combination of history, folklore and modern science.
There is a folklore of different plants that can transform milk into cheese. But this has faded almost completely into history and legend. Mary Holbrook’s bold re-imagining of a cheese made with Cardoon as its gelling agent is a modern icon of the practice that Easterdown Cheese aspires to.
Combining the tools and insights of science with inspirations from history and folk tales, we hope to challenge the hubris that says modern science only serves industrial-scale cheesemaking practice. We want to innovate in a gentler more imaginative way than is often associated with scientific method.
The principles of Invention at Easterdown will be as follows:

1. Reinventing the old in light of the new.
To rediscover lost artisan cheesemaking using apocryphal sources and scientific tools.

2. Small Cheesemaking is Beautiful Cheesemaking
Cheesemaking at Easterdown will not be dictated by whether it can scale up to supermarket supply levels or not. Like the Truffle Cheese, a viable, profitable model can be found.

3. To follow natural laws, to question conventional practices.

4. To innovate gently and with sympathy.

To create cheese out of sheeps milk from sheep we will keep ourselves.
To make cheese and live using as few fossil fuels as possible.
Easterdown was off grid when we bought it and we have chosen to remain that way using a combination of solar panels, batteries, modern electronics and an LPG generator for just-in-case power.