One afternoon, Tara Wright walked into Easterdown to ask if I knew whose sheep were wandering in the road. She heard my sheep dairy idea and within a week proposed I try milking some ewes whose lambs had just gone to market. Tara farms the Devon Closewool, a local heritage breed that is on the endangered species list. The milk is richer than most sheeps milk and I now have about 10 litres in my freezer.


Vickie milks a sheep

 Tara with her flock


Devon Closewools and cross-breeds

Roscoe Wright, Tara’s Dad, showing me the ropes


Making the sheep feel secure

Glad I took a photo of those knots. Mustn’t forget how they’re done! (yes, I have already, but I’m practicing…)


How to milk a sheep

Every time I visit Castle Hill Farm to milk sheep, Tara and Roscoe show me their moth hide. Moths for today include the Large Elephant Hawkmoth. Guess which one?


Amazing wildlife on Exmoor