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Easterdown has a Ram. Welcome Garfield!

Why are we calling him that? Because Tara’s farm has a tradition – all Rams are named with a reference to the person who bred them. Tom Garland has a flock of Milking sheep and we now have one of his Lacaune x Friesland Rams.

Brightly dawns his wedding day –  Garfield is meeting his 9 Closewool Brides!

Here is Roscoe, best man, making sure the Groom will be correctly attired:


Best man and Groom:

Such a handsome fellow! Love the royal blue raddle!

Walking down the aisle:

The romance begins (Garfield is the one with the  tail) :

She is keen:

Forgot to mention our new sheepdog pup, Tessa.  We took her for quick training lesson:

And when we came back: